There are seven separate condos in Rosemary Beach, and each of them has its own look and feel. Most of the condos in the town are located around Barrett Square with the exception of The Flats. The main square in Rosemary Beach is Barrett Square, and there are two sides to Barrett Square, the north side and the south side. The Flats, Barrett Place, Tabby Lofts, The Lofts and The Lofts West are all on the north side of Highway 30A. The Flats sit around St. Augustine Park, and the remaining four condos on the north side of 30A are located around North Barrett Square.

The Savannah and Mercado are on the beach side of 30A in Rosemary Beach and located along South Barrett Square.

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Rosemary Beach boasts an ample number of great condos with all the comfort and amenities to please even the most discriminating people. The condos are conveniently located in Rosemary Beach, and it takes less than five minutes to walk from any of them to the wonderful shops and restaurants in the town.

Barrett Place

Barrett Place is on the north side of 30A in a building on the main square in Rosemary Beach. It is located above commercial space, part of which is the on-site rental check-in location for Rosemary Beach. A parking garage under the building offers convenience for occupants and visitors. Barrett Place is four floors high and has 12 units, each with a different floor plan.

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The Savannah is located above the candy shop on the east side of South Barrett Square and has 10 units with a different floor plan for each unit. The condos are on the second, third and fourth floors, and the first floor is for retail use.

Barrett Place, The Lofts, Tabby Lofts, The Lofts West and The Flats are all on the north side of 30A in Rosemary Beach.

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Barrett Square straddles Highway 30A with North Barrett Square on the north side of the road and South Barrett Square on the south side. The Mercado is in Barrett Square, on the south side of 30A. Barrett Square is in the heart of Rosemary Beach where the towns shops and restaurants are located, and the Mercado is situated over the steak house on the east side of South Barrett Square.

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