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Opus in Seaside

Opus in Seaside

Built in 2003, the Opus in the community-based town of Seaside mixes business and residential property in a four-story building facing Central Square's amphitheater. Designed by Scott Merrill, an award-winning architect, the building comprises Unit A, the first story dedicated to retail, Unit B, the smaller condominium on the second story, and Units C and D, which form the larger penthouse condominium on the third and fourth stories.

Unit B has two bedrooms, covers 1,660 square feet and features small, private balconies nestled within the top portion of the two-story loggia. The 3,300 square foot, four-bedroom penthouse features sole enjoyment of the magnificent roof terrace and the large windows facing the avenue provide an expansive view of the town and beach. A secured elevator services both condominium units. The building sits at the meeting point of the commercial square and a residential avenue. Seaside, a town built on one man's dream and personal stake of 80 acres, offers true community ambiance in the spirit of a small town. The Opus resides in the heart of this Gulf town and within conveniently close proximity to dining, shopping and beach activities.

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Floor Plans

Click below on any of the units to see the floor plan.

2 bedroom

Opus in Seaside unit B


Opus in Seaside Penthouse lower floor
Opus in Seaside Penthouse upper floor

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