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The May

Ideally situated in the Alys Beach Town Center, The May is a four-story mixed-use building that sits on the southeast corner of the Amphitheatre. Designed by Merrill Pastor & Colgan Architects, this cutting-edge structure houses a mix of commercial and residential space. The ground floor houses a trendy restaurant while the upper floors are blessed with an array of modern, well-appointed condominiums. Thanks to the unique architecture, layout and location of The May, many residents enjoy breath-taking unobstructed views in three directions.

Available units on the upper floors include six two-bedroom suites and two expansive three-bedroom condos. West Porches, which feel like extensions of the livings rooms, afford great views of the Amphitheatre, and shade the residences from the afternoon sun. Thanks to operable shutters on The May's fa├žade, residents can beat the heat during the day and enjoy spectacular sunsets during the evening. Massive floor-length windows in the living rooms and bedrooms of each unit provide direct access to porches and deliver outstanding views of the Gulf directly to the south.

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